Cameron McMurtrey


  I'm a 19 year old Photographer and college student based out of the NYC area.  I began my journey with photography as a junior in high school.  What began as a way for me to document the friendships and experiences I had growing up quickly grew into an outlet that allowed me to understand and express my view of the world around me.  My aim with photography is to capture the natural essence of the people and places that I shoot.  I've always been drawn to cities and urban environments because of the seemingly endless energy and timeless moments that they cultivate.  When I'm not behind the camera you can usually find me watching Liverpool FC, listening to and making music, or devouring food at one of the many many delicious spots around NYC.


Brands, publications, and social media personalities that understand the impact of high quality and authentically made content are some of my favorite partners to work with. Sound like you? contact me here, and lets make some magic.